Date: 19/10/2020 | By: Kevin Brent
  NEW EPISODE……    In this episode of ScaleUp Radio, it’s all about SWOT Analysis. If you’ve been in business for more than a couple of months, you’re probably aware of SWOT - which stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and is a matrix that has been used for decades in business to recognise where you are, and the work you still need to do. In this discussion we talk about: - Whether or not SWOT is still suitable… Read More
Date: 13/10/2020 | By: Kevin Brent
NEW EPISODE……    For so many people, doing a job that is also your hobby is a bit of a dream. However, for this episode’s guest on ScaleUp Radio, it’s become a successful reality. Tom Mallett is the Managing Director of Ecomotive Logistics, which started in 2014, and is a B2B company moving vehicles. As you’ll hear, cars have always been Tom’s ‘thing’ and he brought that passion to the business, following a career in motorsport journalism. There are so… Read More
Date: 13/10/2020 | By: Kevin Brent
NEW EPISODE……  This episode’s guest on ScaleUp Radio is Andy Bullingham from JPM Insurance. The firm started with just four people - three of whom are still with the company - and has grown into a insurance company that has carved out its own niche in a busy marketplace. Andy’s story is well worth a listen. Starting out as a promising footballer, with a job at Nottingham Forest, the change came when his mother gave him an ultimatum, and football’s… Read More
Date: 28/09/2020 | By: Kevin Brent
  NEW EPISODE……  This week’s guest on ScaleUp Radio is Phil Base from Offsite Servers, and IT solutions provider. Normally, one of these things that happens in these intros is that we tell you about Phil’s journey, and how he’s arrived at his current role. However, I’m not going to do that this time. Phil’s story is so fascinating - and he tells it so well - so I’m going to leave him to tell it. What I can say… Read More
Date: 22/09/2020 | By: Kevin Brent
  NEW EPISODE……    For this week’s guest on ScaleUp Radio, recruitment has been something that she has been involved in since leaving university. And that is how Emma Richardson made her journey from the north of England to London to Worcester - and Four Squared Recruitment. Now, whilst Emma has worked in recruitment all of her professional life, she has still managed to create variety within the industry, making sure that doesn’t become stale at any point; something she… Read More
Date: 22/09/2020 | By: Caroline Strickley
BizSmart helps business owners of all sizes to create value and scale their businesses through sound practical business support by providing insight, clarity and business support with a real determination to help you succeed. Below is a list of our forthcoming events...… CLICK HERE for a FULL list of ScaleUp Support Events and the booking links.                                 Read More
Date: 18/09/2020 | By: Kevin Brent
  NEW EPISODE……    This week’s guest on ScaleUp Radio is Rob Savage from Control & Shift, who are an IT support company. Of course, it could have been Rob from Rob savage.com or any number of companies over the past 18 years. As you’ll hear, Rob has changed the name of the business quite a few times before settling on Control & Shift back in 2016. Rob is slightly different from so many business owners that we hear from… Read More
Date: 18/05/2020 | By: Caroline Strickley
BizSmart’s Select Members provide trusted, reliable specialist support for you and your business in one place. Covering a wide range of business services, they are here to answer your questions and provide valuable advice.     What’s in this issue?   Restart Checklist for Owner Managers - Kevin Brent, BizSmart Precautions to Protect Your Business If you have business premises - Andy Philips, AP Insurance Brokers Connect, Hosted by Peter Roper, and guest speaker Nicholas Lee "How to Survive in a Financial Crisis"… Read More
Date: 18/05/2020 | By: Kevin Brent
  NEW EPISODE……    On this episode of ScaleUp Radio, Kevin Brent speaks to the owner of Clear Branding, Stephen Sellers. Stephen has a great story to tell, which will be of interest to you whether you’re in business or not!  He went straight from education into working for his father, even though his ambitions lay in electronics, and it was his father’s work ethic and determination to succeed that also drove Stephen to take over the business, then move… Read More