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BizSmart Select is a selected group of specialist business owners who have come together to help business owners grow and build valuable businesses.

BizSmart SmartMark



Displaying the Eagle Mark means that we have been carefully chosen and invited to join BizSmart and provide fellow business owners with trusted and reliable specialist support.  Membership is by invitation only and new members need to come highly recommended based on personal experience.



BizSmart Select  Select Code of Ethics


All Select Members have agreed to abide by the letter and the spirit of our Code of Ethics:

  • Act with integrity and honesty in all matters
  • Put the interests of the customer front and centre in everything we do
  • Treat one another fairly and with respect, valuing the talents, experiences and strengths of the group
  • Observe both the form and spirit of laws and governmental rules and regulations
  • Live up to the ethical and professional standards of our chosen professions
  • Do what we say we will do – provide the quality of services at the prices quoted
  • Deal fairly and transparently with our clients and other members
  • Constantly strive to maintain and nurture trust and goodwill between us and our clients
  • Take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable for our conduct and activities


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With best wishes for your business growth,


The Select Members