Date: 04/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter


Select Member Philip Priest asks if you’re ready to claim the cash that’s rightfully yours…

In today’s throw away and ‘want it now’ society, where fame and fortune are easier to achieve than ever before, are we missing a trick?

The EuroMillions gave out an estimated £135m last week to a winner in the UK, the National Lottery regularly has winnings of £7m plus, all promising the dream of winning big and living the rest of your days in a life of leisure and pleasure.  So why is it that we shun the chance of a free share of £4 billion?

A recent Ofgem survey found that 60% of households had never switched energy providers.

Those households are like the dog in this classic tale:

A man walking down the street encountered folks sitting on their porch and a dog lying on the porch whining and groaning.

He asked the folks why the dog was acting that way . . .

“Because he’s lying on a nail,” they replied.

“Why doesn’t he get up?” the man asked.

“Because it’s not hurting bad enough” they replied.

How bad is it hurting where you’re lying today?

How bad does it have to be before you get off the nail?

When you consider that prices, year on year, are rising by an average of 8%, why do we only move when the nail starts to really hurt?

When you consider that 75% of people are currently on their supplier’s ‘default’ standard tariff, and Which? research has shown that consumers are missing out on £4 billion a year by not switching, why don’t we move?

Business tariffs are even worse still. The time it takes to review your deals, the waiting on the phone for someone to answer only to find they talk to you in a language you can’t understand, about a tariff that you don’t understand, is too much. The time element is also too great when you have a business to run. Sometimes you are the business and without you it stops.

It is hard for businesses, and this is why:

–        How do you know when your contract is up?

–        How do you know if you are on the best deal?

–        Are you on the best deal that supplier provides?

–        Are you being treated like a valuable customer?

–        Do the bills make sense?

–        Do you get bills?

–        How do you cancel your contract?

No wonder so many small businesses go out of business in the first few years. The average home pays 10% of its income on energy. I’ll bet the statistic for businesses is the same.

So “Where to from here?” I hear you ask. BizSmart Select has a panel of experts – business owners who have done it before – who can review your business from beginning to end, right to left, conception to inception. Speak to one of our experts, book a free assessment of your business and see if you can benefit from the potential £4 billion that is up for grabs.

Philip Priest of The Utility Warehouse Discount Club offers his clients the chance to save money on utilities including gas, electricity, mobile phone and broadband.  View his profile or get in touch with him on 07773 027 880.