Date: 04/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter

David Lynes of Unique IQ explains why Google Analytics is useful for growing your business…

So you have a website, you’ve spent a bit of money on getting it done and that’s it. You sit back and wait for all the visitors and business to come in. Wrong! A website never sits still and needs constant updates and improvements. And if you don’t know what’s happening with the website – how can you improve it?

That is where Google Analytics can help and benefit your business. Google Analytics is a great tool and has many wonderful applications.

It can help locate website errors and therefore give you or your web designer the opportunity to fix them. These could be links or pages in your website that are unreadable by the Google Robots and the algorithms and if they are unreadable by them they can’t list them. By fixing these errors you are giving Google more pages on your website to update and add to the search engine results pages.

It can also show you visitor numbers, how long they spend on your site and the bounce rate from your site. Bounce rate is when visitors leave the site. You can track what pages this is happening on and what % of your visitors leave. This could be because you are not the site they thought you were or it could be that your content is not attractive enough to keep them on your site.

It therefore allows you the opportunity to do two things:
1. Improve the content of your site and analyse if the bounce rate goes down
2. Improve your meta titles, descriptions and keywords so that potential clients know what your site is about

When improving the content there are a number of processes you need to put in place. The content needs to be attractive for visitors but it also needs to be the right content and use the right keywords that Google can read and track. Google Analytics can also help tell us what keywords are being used to find your site and therefore the content can be written using this information.

Google Analytics can also help run reports which can be sent to yourself or various members of a team via email. This will give you the ability to analyse what impact any of your changes are having as you can also compare date ranges so you will be able to track the details over a period of time.

If you have a number of sub domains or websites you can track and manage these sites in one Google Analytics account. This will help you to analyse which of the sub domains are doing well and which need to be improved.

If you are paying for advertisements in Google under the GoogleAds campaign, Google Analytics also helps you to see how much actual business is being generated from these paid advertisements and what the return on your investment is. If you also then undertake a natural search engine approach you can track the difference between paid and natural searches.

It’s important for Google Analytics to ensure that your website is correctly written from the beginning and that you have a strategy in place to help your website gain visitor numbers and traffic. It doesn’t happen overnight as there are so many websites out there now but it can happen quicker if the right system and tools are in place. Remember, you don’t have to do it alone and the team at Unique IQ are always here to help.

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