Date: 04/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter

More telemarketing wisdom from Sales Director Lee Clark at Oaktree Telemarketing Services…

From a sales perspective, I’m a big fan of making an attempt to steer away from the benign “small talk” present early in the sales process, in favour of a more productive approach.

You’ll probably recognise the small talk I refer to from memories of cold calls you’ve received in the past or first introductions to sales people:

  • Sales Person: “Hi, how’re you doing today?”
  • Prospect: “I’m fine, thanks. You?”
  • Sales Person: “I’m fine, thanks.”

From a sales perspective, what just happened in the above section of conversation? I have an answer for you – NOTHING HAPPENED. The sales person blew it. “Blew what?” I hear you ask. He blew one of the best chances of creating that oh-so-important first impression by deploying small talk.

In that first few seconds of conversation, a sales person has a chance to have a BIG impact on first impressions. BIG Talk is one way to do that. It’s easy – all you have to do is talk about things that are BIG, i.e. important, to you and to them. For example, after offering your opinion on the BIG things that have happened to you so far today, ask what your prospect thinks of those things and then what BIG things have happened to them so far. Be interested, be interesting, be BIG. Otherwise, talk about small things and at one of the most important points in the sales process, you will have missed a BIG opportunity.

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