Date: 16/08/2016 | By: Ian

Investing for growth – borrowing money to grow your business

Investing for growth –

Borrowing money to grow your business can be an excellent way to develop your business more rapidly, but the best way to do this is not always clear or straightforward.

High street banks have a reputation for making it more of a challenge for businesses to borrow money, with business loans regularly being turned down.

But borrowing money isn’t the only option, and it may be that there are things you can do internally to release funds or free up capital.


BizSmart Select Member Ian Priest of Independent Banking Consultants has 36 years of experience of helping businesses with their funding. Over the last five and a half years Ian has helped his clients raise £26m of finance – much of it after the client’s bank had already said “NO”.



Listen to the webinar here. Investing for growth – borrowing money to grow your business, he focuses on:

Internal funding:

  • Can changes to your operations provide the funding you need?


External funding:

  • Debt v equity
  • Forms and sources of finance
  • What happens when the bank says “no”

Firstly, how well are you managing your operations? Could making changes in this area provide you with additional funds and mean that borrowing is no longer required? A great many well-established businesses don’t manage credit control as well as they could and would benefit from looking at how they handle cash flow.


Collecting funds from debtors more quickly, stretching creditors so you’re not paying them too early, and keeping a tight control on stock, can all make a substantial difference to cash flow and can mean that borrowing becomes unnecessary.


Borrowing money to grow your business

If borrowing money to grow your business is required, then there are many alternative sources of finances beyond the banks, and Ian will cover some of these in his webinar. He also goes into the steps you can take if you have approached a bank and they’ve turned you down.


Listen to the webinar here. 


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