Date: 22/04/2019 | By: Andrew Bradley

Changes to Legislation – Contracts of Employment

The ‘Good work plan’ due to be implemented in April 2020, sets out the governments vision for the future of the UK labour market and how it intends to implement the recommendations arising from the Taylor review of modern practices.  The ‘Good Work Plan’ has far reaching implications on the employment practices of small businesses for example the ‘gig’ economy and agency workers.  We would like to highlight the new planned legislation regarding contracts of employment.

With effect from April 2020, written statements of employment will have to be made available to employees and workers on or before they start employment.

Under current legislation employees must be given a written statement within two months of their start date as long as they have worked for their employer for a month.  This statement should contain details of their employment contract and rights such as start date, pay, pay intervals and notice period. There is currently no such right for casual workers or agency workers.






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