Date: 10/08/2015 | By: Liz Painter

This webinar recording, Creating and Converting Global Opportunities, is with Steve Parker of Steve Parker ICD International Company Development. He specialises in providing international sales and marketing, export management, strategy planning and implementation and advice, guidance and training, on all matters relating to importing,exporting and international trade.


Many companies start exporting worldwide following careful planning and extensive research. Many companies start exporting after receiving an enquiry from ’someone foreign’ who discovered their website – they decide to do something positive about it. Many many companies receive enquiries from overseas and ignore them through fear of all the complications. What a waste!


Our BizSmart core adviser and international trade man, Steve Parker, gets quietly (and sometimes noisily) frustrated with the latter category, as he knows he can help.


So, if you have any interest in trading globally, whether you are experienced or inexperienced, or even if you are just curious and want to see some pictures of exotic places that Steve is currently trading with, then this webinar could be the most exciting half hour you spend on a Tuesday.


During this webinar you will learn:


  • The basics of exporting and international trade, including…
  • How to respond to enquiries.
  • What information you need before you respond and where to find it.
  • Types of overseas partner and relationships,
  • Options for getting goods to the customer and making sure you get paid.
  • What resources you may need to expand globally.
  • How you can get further BizSmart help on all things international


If you would like to start the journey to exporting, join Steve Parker’s webinar to find out how easy it could be. Email to sign up for the webinar, whether you’re in Worcestershire, the Black Country, or beyond.