Date: 28/04/2015 | By: Liz Painter

If you’ve ever been to a networking event you’ll know that there are a lot of printers out there. But to the layperson wanting to get some new business cards printed, or produce the perfect brochure, who is bamboozled by the myriad options for different types of paper, how do you know what to look for in a printer? When you have a printing “challenge” how do you know where to start looking for help?


In his webinar, Ralph Webb of Sales Print Design shines a light on the printing industry. Sales Print Design is a print broker, which is fundamentally different from a standard “general” printer.

A standard printer will have a limited number of machines, whereas a print broker has access to trade-only factories all over the country. This means that client requirements can be met using specialists who can produce client jobs to the best possible specification, on exactly the right machines and often in a more cost effective way.


Whether it’s simply a way for you to get a small job produced on the right paper on a high spec machine, or whether you want to have ten tonnes of magazines printed in a morning, a print broker can link up with the right printer for you.


Experienced print brokers will help you make the right decision about digital versus litho printing, weights of paper and brands of paper, and can even liaise with the factory to discuss matters like grain direction on cards.


So how does the work of a printer help you to grow your business? Here are some invaluable tips:


  • Always, always ensure YOU have given your printer the full and correct information required such as:
    • Special packaging
    • Distribution details
    • Full specification of the work required
    • Deadline!
  • Remember every printer has their limitations and they will not necessary have the correct equipment to produce your job
  • Ensure you have a calibrated proof for your approval before it goes to print
  • Time is money, so plan ahead for your project to be completed cost effectively.


For more information about Ralph Webb and Sales Print Design, click here to view Ralph’s profile and