Date: 13/04/2015 | By: Liz Painter

To listen to Les delivering this webinar,

Les Gutteridge of 101 System Works talking about how to give your PowerPoint presentations a boost…


Have you ever come out of a presentation thinking, “The facts were there but it didn’t engage me?”


Why didn’t it hit the right spot?

Do you want to know how to do it better?


Les’ webinar will address a few of those issues for you.


Webinar Highlights


· Dos and don’ts plus a bit of psychology!
What makes a great presentation? It’s not just the visual content, you know, it’s how you engage with your audience. Reading the slides is not good enough, you need to know what you are talking about, put it over well, field questions and lots more.


· A few tips to make your slides and hand-outs look great
First and foremost be consistent. We’re talking fonts, titles, bullet points, colours…
Use pictures or graphics. Any picture or diagram will cover a lot of ground for you.


· Slide Masters – hindrance or help?
A professional presentation will use slide masters to lay out the content. You can set them up to save you time. How? Hit on a great design and you can use it time and time again. Give the presentation your corporate feel.


· Running presentations – Animations? Sound? Video?
If you reveal the whole slide content you will be giving the game away too early perhaps. You need the audience to be focused on the point you are making – don’t let them read on. Let them see the points one at a time. How do you do that? Is it easy to introduce other media? Can you cut it down to suit your needs?


· Unattended presentations
You don’t actually need to do the presentation yourself, by the way. For example, at exhibitions, you can run a rolling presentation of about 3 to 5 slides, that is timed and self repeats. You can even record the audio and set that going… the world is your oyster.


People can be very critical of presentations. They often say it was “Death by PowerPoint.” But, really and truly, it’s all down to you. How well was the presentation set up? It is often the case that the audience needs to be considered more than the content.


Yes, you need to put over the points but a little bit of thought about how the presentation is perceived and received will make a difference.


key lessons from his presentation below.
  • What makes a great presentation? It’s not just about the visual content –  you need to engage with your audience
  • Reading the slides is not good enough – you need to know what you are talking about and put it over well. You need to field questions and use doodles
  • Use this formula as a guide: Number of Slides = Total Minutes
  • Don’t crowd a slide. Use a maximum of six bullets then use a continuation slide if necessary
  • Is all the text on your slides readable?
  • Be consistent with fonts, titles, bullet points and colours
  • Any picture or diagram will cover a lot of ground for you
  • Don’t over use humour, animation or special effects
  • Get yourself familiar with using the shortcuts and shift keys.

To listen to Les delivering this webinar,

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