Date: 24/09/2019 | By: Kevin Brent




Nick Bradley’s scale up story starts with his father. It was his Dad who took him onto construction sites as a youngster, and it was this exposure to the atmosphere, the culture, the legacy, the teamwork, that put Nick on the path to owning his own construction company.

The final step for Nick to starting Quantum Construction Consultants was one that we’ve heard a few times during this podcast; he was working for a larger company after qualifying as a quantity surveyor, and felt that he could provide a level of customer service that the larger companies couldn’t – and that’s how Quantum was born.

In this episode of ScaleUp Radio, Kevin Brent talks to Nick about his scale up journey so far.

During the conversation, they cover:

  •  Why sometimes you need a leap of faith to start out on your own
  •  Nick’s experience and lessons of hiring people – from the first hire, though growing to a team of 8, but then having to scale back and regroup ready to grow again – but this time more sustainably
  • The transition from piecemeal work, to long term work with the benefits this is bringing

Nick’s story is a little different from our other episodes, in the fact that it hasn’t been a slow and steady growth for Quantum. They were hit hard in the wake of the EU Referendum, and it was interesting to hear a little bit about that – and how Nick dealt with it.

As always, this episode isn’t just for people in the construction industry. The lessons and advice that Nick talks about can easily be transferred to almost any other sector.


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