Date: 15/04/2015 | By: Liz Painter

This webinar with management development specialist Launa Brooks talking about how to take control of your workplace and stop staff “playing games”.

Listen to Launa here


Wouldn’t it be great if we could employ staff who all turned up on time, every time, who did the job you asked them to do as you’d asked them to do it and who got on with their colleagues but did not try to get on with them too well, if you know what I mean!


After all, isn’t this the very basis of employment? You are there to do a job, to do it well then to go home and not brood over the latest office politics.


Yet why is it that staff seem to bring so much baggage into the office with them? Why do they do the tasks that they like and avoid the ones they don’t? Why do they sneak hot drinks when they think you’re not looking then complain when you ask them to add to the tea kitty or refuse to work with this person or that person because he said, she said… we all know the scenarios.


Now, just take a step back and look at what is going on here… Where did you last see this behaviour? You might like to believe that just because we are all grown up now that we have left this behaviour behind us in the school playground, but actually it is just like being back there; same game only bigger players!


It was probably bad enough if you experienced this game playing when you were in corporate life, but now it is YOUR MONEY used to pay these staff and your time they are wasting. But how do you change what is effectively the behaviour of a lifetime?


My Biz-Smart webinar will explain why we behave like this and what you as a manager can do to manage it. How can you effectively take back the control in the workplace? After all, these games are being played so your staff can take control of you…


You can create the culture you want for your own working environment, starting with identifying that very culture you want to nurture. It is then about putting boundaries in place to set the standards everyone should abide by, including you. Join me on 21st April to find out how….


Key Lessons:


  • Self-Awareness – ensure it is not your behaviour that is affecting your team
  • Remember as well as a written contract there is an emotional contract too. A staff member’s thoughts, values and beliefs are all brought into the workplace. Do they conflict with your own thoughts, values and beliefs?
  • Passive aggressive staff – be aware of what is happening in the background and nip it in the bud
  • Ensure you have the correct HR policies and procedures in place to deal with bad behaviour.

Can you use any of these lessons to change the way you interact with your staff? Are there situations that you need to deal with sooner rather than later?

Listen to Launa here