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Date: 30/03/2019 | By: lizpaintercommacomma

The Company: One Minute Wonders


How do you get a client to visit your premises and award you more of their business? Here’s the approach a One Minute Wonders customer took:


“We have been trying to get a big client down to Winstanley for over a year. We sent the One Minute Wonder that Mick had made for us and within a day they had visited us here and as a result signed up for a contract worth over £1 million. It has simply been the best advertising tool we have found, outstripping our website advertising.”

– Rod Smith – MD, Winstanley


Based in Bewdley, One Minute Wonders make videos to promote a wide range of businesses. Having worked with the BBC and ITV over many years, Mick Foley set up the business nine years ago. As well as corporate videos for use on websites, at exhibitions and as sales rep ice-breakers, the company also creates drone footage and offers a time-lapse service.


The team includes two design and graphics specialists, and Mick’s wife Cathy Foley works on business development. Another team member takes care of follow-up telephone calls for the business.


The Challenge


With no business plan in place, One Minute Wonders was lacking in goals and direction. It was difficult for the team to know what to focus on and where to concentrate their sales and marketing efforts.


The Solution


Mick heard about BizSmart through Worcestershire Business Central. He found he qualified for 18 months of free support, which included help from BizSmart to put together a 6-year plan.


He explains, “Louise worked out a business plan with us, put it all together, and helped us figure out our targets.


“The plan covers everything – our finances, people and marketing. It’s made us a lot more focused. Having properly identified the groups and sectors we should be working with, it’s much easier to target the right companies.


“And we’ve identified other goals, including KPIs like how many appointments we need to make each month.”


One Minute Wonders were also awarded a £2,500 ERDF Grant by Worcestershire County Council to put towards new equipment.



The Future


One Minute Wonders now has a much clearer path, and a focus on monthly KPIs and approaching and attracting the right kinds of clients.

With the grant funding contributing 40% of the costs of a drone, a new camera and a gimbal (stabilisation equipment), One Minute Wonders is extending the services they provide. Production values at the company were already high, but the new equipment has allowed them to take things up a notch and deliver an even better service to clients.


Mick is also continuing to attend BizSmart’s ScaleUp Club, which he says he’d highly recommend to other businesses. He explained, “It has a fresh feel about it – it’s not just about other businesses selling what they do.


“Everybody in the room is there to help so if you need some advice or have a business problem you need to solve there’s usually somebody in the room who can give you some good advice. I always leave the meeting feeling I’ve achieved something and that I’ve learnt something new.”


To find out more about working with BizSmart, or to get more information about ScaleUp club, contact us here.