Date: 06/06/2019 | By: lizpaintercommacomma

IT support doesn’t always sound like an exciting topic – but not getting it right can have a huge negative impact on a business.


What would happen if your servers went down for an hour? A day? A week? How much would it cost your business if none of your staff could use their computers?


Matthew Parsons of Surf Tech IT is one of our hand-picked BizSmart Select Members – someone we recommend to our own clients when they need IT support. And protecting his customers – proactively picking up problems and keeping everyone working – is at the core of his business.


Find out more about how Matt’s business is different, and how he’s helped specific businesses out of trouble… including a business where the servers went down for two weeks, causing major issues for their customers.


Over to Matt, for a quick Q&A:


What does Surf Tech IT do?


We offer IT support solutions for businesses, schools and charities, including a helpdesk from 8.30am to 5.30pm. We’re ISO 27001 accredited (an information security management accreditation) and also Cyber Essentials accredited. And we take a very proactive approach to what we do.


Monitoring clients’ computers and servers 24/7 means we know about problems before they do and can step in to fix things. Our core market is growing businesses with computer systems that they need to be able to control and keep up to date.


Our team includes myself, Business Development Manager Clare, and Technicians Phil and John.


Tell us about a client you’ve helped recently


We took on National Fleet Services – a car leasing company with employees working across three different businesses. They had too many mailboxes for their email service and were paying over the odds, so we consolidated and reduced their costs by 66%.


We also provide a full, managed service, and we’re working with them as part of the Be Cyber Secure programme, replacing old expiring IT equipment and updating software. This is important for them as they are accredited by the Financial Conduct Authority.


What makes you different from others in your industry?


Our focus is on offering the right advice and one of our core values is transparency – around price, documentation, access and passwords.


We never hold people to ransom over passwords etc. so our clients are free to change supplier. But the reality is we’ve only lost one client in the last four years.


Most of what we do is via remote access so we don’t need to be on site. We only turn up at a client’s premises if there’s a physical issue, so this keeps our costs down and keeps the costs down for our clients.


What drives you?


I love helping people. IT support can be a thankless job – you only get a call when there are problems – but when you resolve those problems, and do it within someone’s budget, people are extremely grateful.

Our goal is to always to provide the right solution at the right cost without bamboozling people with techie speak.



How do you add value?


To an extent we’re a level of insurance. If your business goes down for a day, what damage would that do to your business? Today’s businesses are reliant on IT.


For example, we had a software developer with 350 users, who came to us when ransomware encrypted his servers. He was down for two weeks – so we advised him about the Cyber Essentials grant to avoid it happening again. We helped him get 45% of a £40k grant towards his system. So now it’s all managed and protected. It’s not going to go down again, and that’s reassuring for his customers.


As well as being one of our Select Members, Matt is also a BizSmart client. Find out more about how Matt has grown Surf Tech IT in our next post on this topic.

And if this post has made you think about your own IT arrangements, you can request a free IT Audit from Matt by getting in touch at