Date: 01/04/2015 | By: Liz Painter

At this webinar, Steve Parker of ICD International Company Development spoke about exporting and international trade for beginners and he summarises the key lessons below:

To listen to his webinar,

Suddenly everyone is telling you that you should be trading globally and selling worldwide. Maybe it seems like a great idea but there is so much information to remember and it sounds very complicated and time-consuming?


The following advice will stand you in good stead for moving into overseas markets:


  • Be ambitious, develop the right attitudes and seriously consider the enormous opportunities overseas.
  • Expect the challenge to be huge – but then the opportunities are too!
  • Use trusted expertise and realise the importance of knowing cultural differences, language barriers, different business methods and relationships.
  • Don’t rely on procedures and legal redress.
  • There is lots of help to make success happen and make it happen faster so go for it! 


To find out more about Steve Parker and his business, ICD International Company Development, click here to visit his profile.  To listen to his webinar