Date: 26/10/2018 | By: Gill Hutchinson


Conscious incompetence is when you are aware of of what you don’t know. One of the keys in running a successful business is to be realistic about your skills, you can’t be good at everything after all. Outsourcing is important at this point as you hand over some aspects of your business to reliable professionals.


Richard Branson is well known for commenting “what I am good at doing is finding brilliant people,” and the trick of outsourcing is to choose good people. The problem arises when we have unconscious incompetence, we don’t know what we don’t know, as then we have no way of knowing if what we are doing is correct.


Good business owners are good at identifying their weaknesses and equally good at finding good people to do these roles.


If you are unsure of whether you can run your marketing campaigns in-house or whether you would be better off outsourcing your marketing, speak to us. We can talk through your business with you to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses and move forwards in a positive way. It may be that speaking to us confirms that you can run your own marketing in-house, or that you could run it, but it would be more cost effective to outsource it. Whatever the outcome, you will be confident that you have explored all the options and done the best for your company.






BizSmart’s Select Members provide trusted, reliable specialist support for you and your business in one place. Covering a wide range of business services across marketing, business admin and legal, finance, IT and systems, people, training and strategic advice and support, they are here to answer your questions and provide valuable advice.

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