Date: 12/06/2015 | By: Liz Painter

BizSmart advisor and Lean specialist Louise Blunt delivered this Lunch & Learn webinar on using Lean Management in your business, whatever sector you’re in. Read her introduction to the topic below… and/ or

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Ever played the ‘Whack a Mole’ game with your children (or even secretly on your own!)? The one where you dash around whacking moles as they pop up all over the place? Think of it from a business point of view – each time you bash one mole (or problem) another pops up… you end up dashing around in ever decreasing circles, feeling you are never making progress because you can’t keep up with them all. Sound familiar? Think how satisfied you feel when you successfully whack those problem moles… wouldn’t you like to finally get them under control? Adopting Lean Management practices is a great way of achieving that goal.


When talking to people about Lean I usually get one of three responses:

1) What’s Lean?

2) Isn’t that only for manufacturing?

3) Isn’t it very complicated – all that Six Sigma and black belts?


There is also a common misconception that it’s all about paring things back to the bone. Lean is none of those things.


Lean is essentially a way of looking at the whole company and working out how to make it more effective at delivering great products and services to customers. Being a straight talking person, I hate jargon, acronyms and complex names, so to me Lean management is a way of thinking, a fundamental approach to running a business which recognises the need for continuous improvement and seeks to eliminate waste (of time, product, effort, money) and create value.


There is nothing inherently complicated about it. Underneath, it all boils down to some simple principles and a large dose of common sense. I’ll just be scratching the surface in my webinar on Tuesday but will be recommending some further reading to whet your appetite for going deeper into Lean Management – whatever business you are in.


Back to the moles… no-one is suggesting that there won’t be more moles – it’s just that you find a way to prioritise the whacking to make the most of your limited resources and get you back in control of a more profitable and successful business.

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