Date: 25/06/2019 | By: Kevin Brent






Beth Williams is a terrestrial ecologist which means that she understands all about how land based organisms (including us) interact with each other and their environment.  It is through this understanding that Beth became passionate about raising awareness of the consequences of marine plastics long before before it became widely known – and that led to Turtle Bags, Beth’s company.


This is unlike any other story we’ve heard on the ScaleUp Radio podcast; because business wasn’t at the forefront of Beth’s mind when she started out – it was more of a mission to educate.


In this episode, Kevin Brent speaks to Beth about her ScaleUp journey, and she talks about:


 – how she started the business in her shed, but had to move within a matter of weeks

 – the role that PR had to play in getting her message out

 – the positive impact that networking can have when you’re starting out

 – how to price a product who’s main competition is free, and along on those lines, how do you identify competitors when there isn’t really anyone doing what you’re doing.

 – the challenge of running a business, whilst also continuing academic work


On top of that, Beth also talks about how the recession hit Turtle Bags and, more importantly, how she survived it.


Beth is unlike anyone else we’ve ever had on ScaleUp Radio – but so many aspects of her story are relatable to many people who are on their own scale up journey – and it is really interesting to hear the power of having a passion or almost a crusade behind what you do. A really interesting story, with plenty for you to take away.


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