Date: 24/05/2019 | By: Kevin Brent




In 1999, Robin La Fontaine was a consultant. He became a consultant after being made redundant – and it was good, for a while. However, with his engineering background, Robin couldn’t escape the desire to actually make something – and that’s how Delta XML was born.  It started off with, as Robin says ‘one and a half people’ and has grown in the past two decades to a business with 20 people – and more on the way!


In this episode, Kevin will find out how Delta XML achieved such growth; what drove this desire to make something – and exactly what Delta AND XML is.  Robin is incredibly honest about his ScaleUp journey, and covers:


 – How important a good accountant is. In fact, Robin’s accountant stopped them going out of business in the early days!


 – Why having an office can be overrated


 – The challenge involved in taking on a sales person


 –  What out feels like to not really have any competition in the marketplace


 – The lessons learned from quick growth in a short amount of time.


 – How being the leader of a company involves a lot of letting go


Robin is clearly passionate and committed to an area of business that is an alien landscape to many of us – but the lessons that he talks about, and the challenges he encounters in his ScaleUp journey are entirely universal.


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