Date: 02/04/2019 | By: Kevin Brent


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Let’s Talk About Scaling Up with John Pooley John Pooley Consultancy 



30 years ago,  the late 80’s was a time of the beginning of the World Wide Web, Kylie & Jason and, for John Pooley, a new business journey.


He started out as a sole trader – and his ScaleUp journey has been one of reputation and standing rather than of employing lots of people. The team at John Pooley Consultancy remains small – but committed and passionate.


They are specialists in energy and carbon management and have worked with some huge global companies, as well as being involved in many government programmes.


In this conversation with Kevin, John talks about:


 He talks about:


 – How do you convince a big company to work with a much smaller company

 – The importance of reputation, and how you go about building a good reputation.

 – never pretended to be something they’re not – TRANSPARENCY!

 – How the business has changed over the last three decades, and how much of the change has been deliberate, and how much has been adapting to outside influences.

 – The benefit of networking with your competitors

 – The dangers and pitfalls of growth in your business, and how to avoid them

 – How working with your wife can be to your advantage.


John’s realistic, honest approach to his business, and all business, is refreshingly honest – and well worth a few moments of your time.


John Pooley John Pooley Consultancy –




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