Date: 31/08/2015 | By: Liz Painter

Select Member Launa of Launa Brooks Management Development, talks about motivation in the workplace and the best way to go about motivating your staff.

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Launa introduces her webinar topic below…


Working with a charity recently, one of the staff complained about how many of the volunteers they were losing due to poor volunteer management. She remarked that volunteers are already motivated as that’s why they have signed up to support the charity. Losing them after that was just down to poor interpretation of their needs, wants and their motivations.



Though there are many differences between staff and volunteers, my experience tells me that managing volunteers and managing staff does not have such a huge divide when it comes to motivations, we just get confused by the money issue. Your team have generally jumped through the many hoops of your recruitment process to get the job in the first place, they turn up bright and breezy (hopefully) every morning… most of them in my experience do want to do a good job when they get there. After all who would chose to spend eight hours sat at a desk or toiling in the pouring rain if they were really not that motivated to do so?



OK, some might argue that employees are mostly in it for the money and let’s be fair, despite having the freedom of being our own bosses, how many of us self-made business owners would not drive off into the sunset in a new Ferrari if we won the lottery tomorrow? But I would argue that money is such a small part of the equation that it is only the starting block. After all they have chosen to work for you, in your field, in your job, at your locality. Lots to motivate (or demotivate) them there.



If you want to manage your staff to be motivated, productive team members you have to identify what motivates them and ensure that these drivers are satisfied. Easy? Certainly easy when you know how…


So, the journey will always start with you. How motivated are you? Does your business still make you jump out of bed in the morning and work late into the night if that is your bag? Is your enthusiasm and your motivation level contagious? That is always a great start for the team to identify with and want to emulate. Build on that and you will watch them grow in confidence and performance.


Then there are your staff member’s individual drivers or motivators. Where do you start to understand them and why is it important to take the time to do just that? Think supervision was a waste of time when you worked for someone else? That was probably only because your manager was not doing things properly FOR YOU, just using supervision for their drivers not yours.



Confused? Join me as I share hints and tips to increase your mojo and the team’s motivation at work at my next Biz-Smart webinar. After all, motivated employees increase business performance by up to 30% and are 2½ times more likely to exceed performance expectation according to management consultants HayGroup. Now, isn’t that an impact you would like your team to have on your business growth?

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