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Date: 03/10/2018 | By: lizpaintercommacomma

When you need to bring specialists into your business, it’s helpful if you can get recommendations from trusted contacts. It’s one of the reasons we promote our BizSmart Select Members. These are a curated group of businesses we have worked with for many years. Each business has a different specialism and can step in and help our clients and other businesses to grow by adding value in a niche area.


We asked Andy Phillips of AP Insurance Brokers to tell us a bit more about how he and his colleagues save businesses a fair bit of money, as well as helping them sleep better at night too.



Tell us about a client you’ve helped recently


A company was importing and distributing toys for children and they couldn’t get the appropriate product liability insurance. This was pretty critical for their business. If a child was injured and a parent made a claim against them they would have been finished.


We were able to find a solution for them, where their current broker couldn’t. This is partly down to the connections we have in different markets, and partly down to us being prepared to put the effort in with more challenging cases.



Who do you work with?


We provide insurance solutions for businesses and wealthy private clients. Most of our business clients turn over £1 million or more and can be in light manufacturing, wholesale distribution and the professions. As well as finding insurance for standard businesses, we are particularly experienced in the medical sector, working with medical equipment producers and medical services and treatment providers.



What makes you different from others in your industry?


I like to think that we go above and beyond in terms of providing personalised local support to businesses. In a lot of cases, that kind of service has been lost as the market has changed. There are fewer brokers around and the ones that remain tend to be quite large.


In addition to this, in the majority of cases, we will go out and see clients, which is a rarity these days.



What drives you?


I enjoy finding gaps in insurance protection. I can look at someone’s existing insurance and figure out where their current protection is lacking.


Presenting a business owner with what they must have, what they should have and what they could have in place means they can make an informed choice about their insurance protection.



How do you add value?


When we visit our clients, we get to know them – observing what they do and how they do it, as well as seeing their security set up. A lot of things in insurance are based on assumptions but people don’t necessarily read or understand the details. We go in and document everything so we can be sure our clients have the right cover for their individual situation.


As well as this, we have recently introduced a resources library for our clients. If they need a particular document, for example, a risk assessment or a specific policy or procedure, we can provide a template for them – saving them time and effort. Clients can then tailor the wording for their own purposes.


If you’d like to talk to Andy Phillips about the work him and his colleagues at AP Insurance do and see whether they could help you, please call them on 01527 306300 or email Andy –