Date: 21/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter

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with Paul Rhodes of web and mobile app development company, Green Gorilla Apps, talking about how to run a successful remote working business.


In September last year GGA, a six man company, decided to conduct a two-week experiment to see if they could leave their office and successfully run their business via remote working. They never went back.


This webinar tells the story of how it happened and how you too can do the same with your company.


Remote working (RW) teams – companies whose staff can work from anywhere independently of each other – are becoming more and more commonplace, especially in the tech industries. However the fundamentals and principles of RW can be applied to pretty much any industry that doesn’t demand everyone needs to be in one location (factories, warehouses, garages etc).


Being a remote company offers a lot of new opportunities for any company willing to give it a go. The financial implications can be huge (no office? No rent!) and employees can theoretically work from anywhere meaning the scope for recruitment is increased drastically. It also offers a new quality of life for staff by eliminating commutes and allowing them more personal time, something that has been monitored and positively proven by the GGA team.


Of course, working remotely brings its own set of challenges. How do you communicate effectively? How do you manage and monitor staff productivity? How does it work for larger companies with lots of staff and sub-teams? How do you avoid staff ‘loneliness’. These are all questions that can be addressed when armed with the right information and insights from lessons learned by GGA!


The key to seamless RW is making sure you have the right tools in place before you try it. The internet is the glue that holds remote collaboration together and the evolution of online project management and communication tools means that running a team remotely is now as easy as it ever was in an office. Choosing the right software is in some way dependent on your industry and business type, however there are a handful of brilliant applications out there that are simply perfect for any company doing RW. This webinar will tell you which ones have been tried and tested and recommended by GGA.


So are you thinking about making the seismic shift from a traditional office-based business to an all singing, all dancing remote working one? Join the GGA webinar to find out how easy it could be. To join the webinar, email

Key Lessons

  • It’s the best thing I have ever done as a business owner
  • Measurement is critical
  • Communication has improved dramatically
  • Productivity has also increased
  • Our clients think we are more innovative

To listen to Paul’s webinar