Date: 10/05/2016 | By: lizpaintercommacomma

Names, Formulas and other EXCELlent stuff


Save time with Excel and become more productive in your work by understanding more about the way a Range Name can be used in an Excel worksheet.


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Range Names are useful for:

  • Navigating, as with bookmarks
  • Making formulas more understandable, meaningful and readable
  • Using in cell validation or conditional formatting
  • Using in tables
  • General time-saving

Save time with Excel

Essentially, if you’re looking for something within one of your spreadsheets, it can be easier to search using a name rather than typing in cell numbers and dollar signs.

To create a Range Name:

Use the Formulas, Defined Names, Define Name option (in Excel 2003 – Insert, Name, Define). Alternatively, select the cell or block of cells you want to name, click in the Name Box, to the left of the Formula Bar, and type in the name. Press Enter to save the name.


When you name your Range Name, like with many shortcuts, there are some rules you need to follow:

  1. Don’t use spaces in your Range Name. So if you need a space, for example if you want to use the name Department Heads, you would need to call this Range Name “Department_Heads”
  2. Don’t use a cell address e.g. D27 as your Range Name
  3. Don’t use more than 253 characters
  4. Don’t start the Range Name with a number – it can only start with a letter or underscore
  5. The Range Name will apply throughout a Workbook, so be careful to choose unique names on each worksheet.

A final tip is that if you delete a Range Name that you’ve referenced in a formula, the formula will no longer work.

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