Date: 04/06/2019 | By: Kevin Brent


No matter where we are on our scale-up journey, it’s vitally important that we’ve got a reliable source of new clients, of leads coming through the door. Doesn’t matter whether we’re a start-up and we’ve literally just got our logo and we’ve got some stationery or whether we’re quite a large business, but we’re looking to get to that next stage in our scale-up journey.


We’ve still got to be able to get a really good, reliable, regular source of the right kind of prospects coming through the door. To generate the leads. And that’s what we look at in this episode of Scale Up Radio. I’m with three more business owners and we’re talking about that very subject


This month, the panel are:-


Mark Nash – Nash Business Systems


Liz Painter – Comma Comma 


Beth Williams – Turtle Bags


They use their own experiences to help you on your scale up journey and, during the course of the conversation, they’ll cover:


 – Whether or not you should use outside resources for your PR

 – Where to start with a good lead generation plan

 – What is meant by ‘value proposition’

 – How to determine what your website should say about your business

 – And some of the pitfalls to avoid when thinking about, and acting upon, your lead magnets


These 3 dynamic, engaging and experienced business people bring their own take to the episode, with plenty of advice for you, no matter where you are on your own scale up journey.


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