Date: 06/05/2019 | By: Kevin Brent


When you’re scaling a business, one of the main things that you need to get clear is who does what – roles and accountabilities need to be crystal clear if you are going to be able to scale effectively?


In this episode, Kevin Brent talks to three specially selected business owners to discuss the matter of roles and accountability in their respective businesses.


On the panel are:


  • Andrew Bradley from Bradley Haynes Law
  • Clare Vale from Sign Solutions
  • Robin La Fontaine from Delta XML


Now, whilst you can hear their individual ScaleUp stories in other episodes of the ScaleUp Radio podcast, here they will be giving their own take on Roles & Accountability, using their own unique experiences and challenges of owning and running their business.


They cover:


 – Just what does accountability mean?

 – How do you measure accountability?

 – Knowing when it’s the right time to relinquish a role in the company

 – Whether a business needs accountability to succeed

 – How early should you to start thinking about roles and accountability?


As always, there is plenty to take away from this lively discussion, no matter where you are in your ScaleUp journey. So – if you’re a brand new startup, or an established business, make yourself comfortable and listen to this fascinating conversation.


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