Date: 01/10/2019 | By: Kevin Brent




When you think of accountancy and accountants themselves, I wonder what comes to mind?

The sweeping generalisation is that it’s pretty boring. Rooms full of ledgers and nothing but columns and columns of numbers and discussions about credits and debits.

Well, I want to introduce you to Karen Lowen from Turl & Co because she is going to help change that view.

She loves being a tax accountant and she makes it fun.

In this episode of ScaleUp Radio, Kevin Brent talks to the Managing Director of Turl & Co Accountants, Karen Lowen.

From their formation in 2001, through to the present day, Karen has based the whole company ethos on one word – quality. And that’s something that definitely comes through in our conversation.

As well as talking about Karen’s own scale up journey, we also cover:

  •  How to separate yourself from the competition, particularly in an industry like accountancy where there are so many options for the customer
  •  The importance of sticking to your core message, even in the early days
  •  Why you should have two or more business banking accounts
  •  Making sure that each member of staff is a right fit for you and the business

I think that Karen is perhaps unlike any other guest we’ve had on ScaleUp Radio. She speaks as someone who is incredibly self-assured in her abilities, her decisions and her future – and that comes across very strongly.

As always, there is plenty to take away – whether you are just starting out on your own scale up journey, or are a CEO of 20 years.


Karen Lowen, Turl & Co Accountants, can be contacted via email website


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