Date: 09/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter

In this Lunch and Learn webinar Richard Waldron of Oaktree Telemarketing will be looking at the pros and cons of insourced versus outsourced telemarketing, to give an insight into what route to take when implementing your sales strategy. However this begs another question, which is “should we undertake telemarketing at all?”.


There is absolutely no doubt that many more potential prospects can be communicated to via advertising, social media, email campaigns etc and very often at much lower cost than in comparison to telemarketing, so should it even be on the agenda? The simple answer is yes. “Why is that?” I hear you cry…


The text book answer is because all  forms of marketing have their place in an effective communications mix and telemarketing enables you to get a direct and qualitative response to your business proposition. However there are more subtle and deeper benefits to integrating telemarketing into your strategy. 


In the 18 years I’ve been involved in telemarketing I’ve delivered more than 2500 telemarketing campaigns and worked with over 500 marketing and sales professionals. Whilst most of them have been good, crucially, a significant proportion of them have been completely useless at clearly defining and communicating what their company does and what their proposition is in a coherent and concise manner.


I once sat in a client briefing and after asking the management team what the company did and listening to their response for close to twenty five minutes I still didn’t understand what their company’s main service was… 25 minutes later! A further 45 minutes later and, after some fairly brutal questioning from us, we all had a better understanding of what the company did and could deliver it clearly in about 30 seconds.


My point being that even if you don’t think telemarketing is right for your business, going through the process of building a clear message that could be used on a telephone call is an excellent exercise in distilling the company’s mission into a clear and concise message. Important though a message is, it’s not just what you say to them, but how you say it and the questions you ask them.


If a prospect calls into our office then every member of my staff knows the questions to ask to qualify if it’s a good sales opportunity for the business or not and set the appropriate next action. Who answers incoming enquiries in your office? Could they do a better job of qualification?


These are just a couple of points to think about when considering whether or not telemarketing should be on the agenda.  The reality is we all have to be sales people more often than we are even aware of so ask yourself this… What benefit could your business gain by having fundamental sales communications skills throughout your organisation?


Key Lessons


  • Distil your sales message
  • Everyone who picks up the telephone is a potential sales person – make sure all of your staff have the basic skills
  • If insourcing, remember to think about your callers’ working environment – this is key
  • A blended approach is most often the best way forward
  • And remember cold calling is easy!

If you’re interested in finding out more about telemarketing, click here to view Richard’s Select Member profile.