Date: 04/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter

Paul Rhodes of Loggable writes about a simple technique he picked up from one of Britain’s top sportspeople…

Last year I was fortunate enough to hear Chris Hoy speak at the National Entrepreneurs Convention and something he said really resonated with me and I still find myself using the strategy today.

I can’t remember the exact words but instead the concept is simple.

For those who don’t know, Chris is Britain’s most successful Olympian ever.

He described his story from a childhood passion for BMX and E.T. all the way through to today. Chris went into great detail about his training and how he would wake up at the crack of dawn, cycle to training, practically kill himself training and then cycle home, and then repeat this process twice a day!

When questioned about how he even managed to get out of bed, he described the mental approach a 110m hurdler takes; they simply focus on the next hurdle.

So the concept is simple:

Focus on the next hurdle, overcome it, then focus on the next thing.

All of a sudden getting out of bed at 5am for training became the goal. Once this was done, he would focus on breakfast. He would never have gotten out of bed if he’d spent time thinking about the two killer training sessions ahead.

We don’t have to be Olympic athletes for this concept to work.

Since hearing Chris speak I’ve applied this simple approach in so many areas of my own life including my business, family, and even nights out!

So, what’s the next thing you need to focus on?

It doesn’t need to be a big hairy-assed goal, just the next step on the path.

The original version of this post by Paul Rhodes also appears on his own blog.  Paul is the brains behind Loggable- an app for anyone who wants to stay in control of their business, keep track of their time and ultimately bring more money in.  You can view Paul’s profile here or give Paul a call on 01527 877 842.