Date: 20/08/2018 | By: Les Gutteridge

How much time do you waste each day? We all know the importance of productivity, but how many of us take advantage of all of the shortcuts we could be using?

This week’s webinar is presented by BizSmart Select Member Les Gutteridge of 101 SystemWorks, and takes you through a wide range of time-saving tips for Microsoft Office. We’ve included a few highly useful shortcuts here in this blog.

For a full walk-through of shortcuts for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and for Windows and Office navigation, view the webinar here


Time-saving tips for Microsoft Office users


Microsoft Office is still the most popular office suite used by companies and individuals across the world. And yet often people are not using shortcuts that will save a lot of time during day-to-day tasks.

These are some of Les’s favourite tips and shortcuts that will help you to boost your productivity when you’re using the Microsoft Office suite.

On his training courses, he often finds that people had no idea these shortcuts existed, and are pleased that they can save valuable minutes each day.


PowerPoint Shortcuts


Start presentation from slide one: F5

Start presentation from current slide: shift+F5

View the computer task bar during the presentation: ctrl+T


Windows navigation


Go to Desktop: Win+D

Switch applications: Alt+Tab

Close active programme: Alt+F4


Managing files in Office


New document: Ctrl+N

Open document: Ctrl+O

Close document: Ctrl+W


For Excel tips, Outlook tips and Word tips to save you time and help you to work more efficiently every day, watch the webinar here… 

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