Date: 09/05/2018 | By: Mike Gardner


In our latest webinar BizSmart Select Member Mike Gardner, aka The Time Doctor, talks about the top 10 ways to overcome procrastination.


Here’s one of his blogs on procrastination, or if you’d like to hear all 10 effective strategies, you can listen to his webinar here.


Procrastination is the enemy of productivity. If you have the procrastination disease you’ll probably find you spend more time finding excuses than you do on those unpleasant tasks.


Don’t worry – it’s a common problem – and you can beat it and improve your time management with the remedies outlined below.


Be aware of what you find difficult:

Make a list of all those jobs that you procrastinate over. What makes you dislike them? Do you need more training to deal with them – or are they simply boring?

Split the task into chunks:

Next time you’re faced with one of those unpleasant tasks, and you suffer a bout of procrastination, split it into more manageable sections. Take a break in between so you go back to the next part with more energy.

Get help:

If you find it challenging, get someone to work with you. This could help you understand the job better, meaning you’ll have no trouble next time. It also makes the work less dull. Try offering to help someone else with their difficult work and let them help you in return. It’s more difficult to procrastinate when you’re working with others.

Set a deadline:

Give procrastination the slip by setting deadlines. These will encourage you to take action. Even better, promise to get the work to someone else by a specific date – then you have to complete it.

Get rid of distractions:

Close your door, if you can. Tell your switchboard you don’t want any calls, or put your answer phone on. Make it clear to staff or colleagues that you don’t want to be interrupted. Make sure you have all of the information and equipment you need before you begin, so you can’t wander away and let yourself get distracted. Then give the job your full attention.


The sooner you start, the sooner you get the job done and you can move on to something you enjoy more.

If you’d like more procrastination tips, you can listen to Mike’s webinar here.

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