Date: 04/03/2015 | By: Liz Painter
Helen Coldicott of Coldicott Freelance Training reveals her top ten tips for businesses aiming to promote themselves via Twitter.


As a social media trainer one of the questions I get asked most frequently is ‘What do I tweet about?’. Here are a few simple tips that I hope will help get your creative juices flowing…



1. Keep it short- the most popular tweets are only about 100 characters long. By leaving some spare characters you’re more easy to retweet!

2. Make it newsworthy – what’s happening right now in your business or industry? Twitter is fast-paced so make sure your tweets don’t sound out of date!

3. Add variety – don’t tweet the same message over and over again. Think of something original to say.

4. Use photos – they’ll help you stand out on your followers’ home pages, and “a picture paints a thousand words” so you don’t have to! When’s the next photo opportunity for your business.

5. What should I tweet? – Make sure twitter and social media in general are permanent agenda items for your staff meetings. Get the team involved with thinking of what to post.

6. Join in – search for the hot topics in your industry. Reply, retweet and get involved in those conversations.

7. Get noticed – speak directly to others by @mentioning them. Remember be friendly, be positive and RT them to build rapport.

8. Simple graphics – use PowerPoint to create your own quotes, statistics and sayings. These jpeg graphics will stand out and help to promote your brand.

9. Be consistent – set a realistic goal for how often you’d like to tweet. If it’s once or twice a day, stick to it.

10. Have a plan – you need to know what your aim is, who you want to attract, what info they’re interested in and who they follow. If you don’t know this how will you know it’s working?

These are just a few simple pointers to help make your tweeting more effective.

If you’re interesting in learning more about Twitter or would like help creating a plan specifically for your business, Helen offers advice and half-day training sessions as part of the Biz Smart scheme. For more information, email