Date: 22/06/2015 | By: Liz Painter

Les Gutteridge of training and systems company, 101 System Works, talks about how simple macros can save you time and help you to avoid repetitive tasks, particularly when working in Excel and Word.

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Many people use either Word or Excel (or both) almost every day of their working lives. And anyone who uses these packages will have experienced frustration with them.


It’s an ongoing learning process to improve your experience of using these packages and it’s as much about avoiding bad habits and following good practice as it is about learning little tricks.


But there are always ways to save time and avoid the tedium of repeating the same slow actions. Using macros will enable you to take a task that might normally cost you more than thirty seconds, and make it happen at the touch of a button (or function key).


Over the course of a day or a week, this can save you quite a lot of valuable time (and perhaps help you stay in a better mood).


For example, if you always cut the same columns from a spreadsheet, then that could be a macro. Or if people often send you higgledy piggledy data, you can set up a routine to make everything more readable by converting it to sentence case.


You can also write your functions, for example to work out someone’s age from their date of birth – Excel doesn’t have a function for this and I can show you how to create one in my webinar.


to listen with Les!