Date: 14/07/2015 | By: Liz Painter

Mike Gardner, aka The Time Doctor and BizSmart Select Member delivers a life changing webinar.


Click here to listen to Mike


In this webinar Mike asks, “do you want to run a successful business and still spend time with friends and family?” His aim is to help webinar attendees free up two hours a day to spend on the things that really matter to them. Mike will take you through some of the tips he shares in his time management workshops to help you find more time in your life for your friends, family or anything else.


The tips will only work if you attend the webinar, note down the points that resonate, and commit to taking action. Don’t forget that just listening won’t help you to change anything!


Mike suggests starting with the following:


  1. Write a plan and prioritise your tasks.
  2. Leave space in your diary for unexpected interruptions – don’t schedule every second of your day.
  3. Cut down on meetings – do you really need to be at every single one of the meetings you currently attend?


Click here to listen to Mike