Date: 15/05/2019 | By: Kevin Brent

Whether you’re running your business alone, or you have a growing team, this is a podcast to help you learn from people in the same boat as you.


The goal of the show is to share successes, mistakes and learning experiences from people who are closer to where you want to be. These are successful business owners at a level you can relate to.


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They’re on the ground, dealing with the day-to-day challenges of running a business, including managing staff and handling cash flow.


They’ve been where you are and they’re going through the same business ups and downs as you. We select people who have valuable lessons to share. With luck, they’ll help you avoid the mistakes they’ve made as well as learn from their wins. If you can take on board what’s working in another business and apply it to yours, it can be a very useful shortcut.


The format: One key business area and three different perspectives


There are four areas you need to get right when you’re scaling up:


  • Your strategy or business model
  • Attracting and hiring the right people
  • Executing your strategy
  • Managing cash along the way.


Each month we focus on a theme from one of these four areas. And then we interview three different business owners to get their take on how the work they do in that area is helping them to scale up.

We start off with a panel discussion with all three business owners, then later on in the month we interview each one individually to hear more about their business journey.


There’s no theory – we talk about practical applications, and we drill down into what makes the business and the business owner tick so you get a well-rounded understanding of where they are now and their vision for the future.


Get the most out of ScaleUpRadio


Our suggestion is that you aim to find at least one takeaway that you can implement in your own business, and block out some time in your diary to make it happen.


Listening and learning is good, but it’s implementing that will lead to you scaling up. It’ll help make sure you’ve got the right foundations in place to grow.


Here’s an intro from Kevin to explain more: 


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May 2019 ScaleUp Radio – Let’s Talk About Roles and Accountabilities in Your Business – When you’re scaling a business, one of the main things that you need to get clear is who does what – roles and accountabilities need to be crystal clear if you are going to be able to scale effectively?

Listen to the interviews from each of our panel guests individually and hear more about their business journey.

  • Andrew Bradley from Bradley Haynes Law – Click Here
  • Robin La Fontaine Delta XML – CLICK HERE 
April 2019 ScaleUp Radio – Let’s Talk About Key Performance Indicators for your business – When it comes to your business, how ‘in touch’ are you with every aspect of it?

Listen to the interviews from each of our panel guests individually and hear more about their business journey.

  • Tim Pearce from Haines Watts Accounting – Click Here
  • Andy Phillips from AP Insurance – Click Here
  • Debbie Mann from Parallel Lines Ltd – Click Here
March 2019 ScaleUp Radio – Let’s Talk About Growth – Listen how our panel get to grips with  business growth – how important is it, how does it fit into their businesses?

Listen to the interviews from each of our panel guests individually and hear more about their business journey.

  • Debbie Farr, ISO Quality Services – Click Here
  • John Pooley, John Pooley Consultancy Ltd – Click Here
  • Breda Hadley, Citrus Computing – Click Here


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