Date: 20/04/2020 | By: Kevin Brent






How did your company arrive at their name? For some, it’s just a simple matter of your own  name; for others, it’s a clever play on words that illustrates the product or service that you provide.  For Platform 81, however, it’s all about one man’s love of a football team.  My guest on this week’s episode of ScaleUp Radio is Gary Mawhinney from Platform 81. They are a digital marketing agency, building high quality websites and then helping to market them.

The name itself – Platform 81 – comes from the fact that Gary’s favourite team is Aston Villa, and they won the European Cup, in 1981. And that’s where the name comes from you. At least that’s Gary’s story.  Platform 81 was set up in the middle of a recession, which some might say wasn’t the wisest move – but Gary maintains that it set them up for future success.


As well as the timing of the start of the company, we also discussed:

  •  The importance of experts within the business. Having employees who specialise in a particular area of your industry
  •  Make sure that you’re using the skillset that you have in the best way possible
  •  With the continuing lockdown, make sure that you adapt as well as keeping in touch with your client base, to see if their needs have changed

What’s encouraging about Gary, and the whole of the Platform 81 team, is that last point that we talked about; the way that they have adapted to not just serve their current clients, but also to provide a very useful service for a whole group of people who have never used their services.  Gary can be contacted here: or email


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