Date: 10/05/2017 | By: Helen Coldicott

You know you need to be active on at least one or two social media channels to promote your business, but the question you have is, “What do I post on social media?”


It’s a common issue for small businesses and can lead to business owners neglecting their social media presence or posting things that don’t really help them to get the right message out to their potential customers.


Create content that resonates with your audience


Before you start looking at your social media strategy, you need to have a clear idea of who you’re creating content for. Who do you want to read your posts? Who do you want to do business with?


When you have a clear idea of your target audience, it becomes a lot easier to figure out the best ways to communicate with that audience.


In her webinar on this topic, BizSmart Select Member Helen Davies of Coldicott Freelance Training goes through:

  • How to decide what to post
  • Where to get your content from, and
  • How much content you need to find and share to keep your audience captivated.


 You can listen to the webinar here or read on to find out a little more.


What’s your social media strategy?


Do you want to:

  • Attract more leads
  • Raise your business profile
  • Get more website traffic
  • Build an online community
  • Increase membership
  • Share information
  • Sell your products or services
  • Build your newsletter list
  • Demonstrate your product/service


What are your customers using?


Social media isn’t just about being on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social proof – what your customers are saying about you – is really important too. So in certain industries, it’s vital to monitor your presence on platforms such as TripAdvisor.


Do one or two things well


If you have limited time and resources then it’s better to have a meaningful presence on one or two platforms, than to spread yourself too thinly.


Find out where your customers are hanging out and make sure you’re there too.


Depending on your industry, you will want to look at being on at least one or two of the following platforms:



  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Maybe Facebook



  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • TripAdvisor
  • YouTube
  • Twitter


What do I talk about?


Your content needs to resonate with your audience and be relevant to them. You may want to include:

  • Hot industry news
  • Company news
  • What’s new?
  • Blogs
  • Top tips and free advice
  • Inspirational quotations
  • Surprising facts and figures
  • Your events
  • Photos and videos
  • Testimonials or case studies
  • Comment on other people’s pages
  • Other relevant events


How to get people talking about you


There are certain things you can do to keep people talking:

  • Update regularly
  • @Mention or Tag relevant people/companies
  • Join in – search for relevant groups or hashtags
  • Share other people’s news
  • Reply to any comments, notifications, messages
  • Thank people
  • Share good news stories
  • Create things that are easy to comment on



 To go into more detail on this topic and find out more about the different content you can add to social media and boost your reach and visibility online, listen to Helen’s webinar here.


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