Date: 27/01/2016 | By: Launa Brooks

You need your whole team on board if you want to achieve business growth



Performance management in a growing business is vitally important. If even one member of the team is holding the business back, then the quicker you address the issues, the quicker you can move forward in your business.


BizSmart Select member Launa Brooks of Launa Brooks Management Development has delivered a webinar on this topic, explaining where to start with performance management and what you need to know before you begin making changes.


Implementing performance management creates a win-win situation for business owners who employ staff. Often if staff aren’t being managed properly, they will not be 100% happy in their role, as they may be aware that they’re not performing to the best of their ability.


If, on the other hand, the staff member is content to coast along and has no desire to put in some extra effort or learn new skills, then starting a performance management process may result in them deciding to leave the business. This frees the business owner up to employ someone else with the right attitude.


If you have a problem with an employee’s performance, it’s important to look at whether they CAN’T do the job, or WON’T do the job. You’ll need to sit down with them to discuss what you expect of them in their role, and why they think they’re not able to meet expectations. Is it that they don’t have the right skills, and would benefit from some training or coaching, or is it that they have the wrong attitude?


Before you sit down to discuss performance with your staff member, think about what you want to achieve, so that you know your desired outcome before you go into the meeting. Ensure you follow your own procedures, and have a copy of their job description to hand so that you can refer to it during the conversation.

What now

If they can’t do the job (rather than won’t), then have a discussion with the member of staff about what is needed to help them acquire the right skills. You can put in place a performance development plan to help them raise their game. This may include:

  • Training
  • Shadowing
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching
  • More frequent 1-2-1s
  • More specific instructions


You may want to put the member of staff through a capability procedure, but do ensure that you follow your procedure to the letter, and record everything that you do. If, however, the problem is that they won’t do the job, rather than can’t do the job, then a disciplinary procedure may be more appropriate.


To find out about performance management in more detail, plus more information about disciplinary procedures, you can

delivered by experienced management development coach, Launa Brooks.