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Emotional marketing is an effective way to set your social media, website and newsletters on fire.

A firecracker without a match to set it off isn’t going to make much of an impact. A good product or service without an emotion-evoking message isn’t going to be all that persuasive.

In this webinar click here, Philippe Ingels of WAKSTER looks at the importance of emotional marketing, and explains why it’s so effective.


Listen to the webinar here, or read on…


Why are emotions important?


Brain-damaged patients left devoid of emotion, struggle to make the most elementary decisions.


The ability to make a cost and benefit analysis is maintained but without emotions, they just don’t know what to choose.


Emotions allow you to mark things as good, bad or indifferent and this forms the basis of the decisions you make.


Emotions are so powerful they can motivate you to kill.


Trolley problem 1


A runaway trolley is heading down the tracks toward five people who will all be killed unless you pull a lever to divert the trolley onto another track that will only kill one person.


What do you choose?

Most people choose to pull the lever.


Trolley problem 2


A runaway trolley is heading down the tracks toward five people who will all be killed unless you push a stranger onto the track to stop the trolley.


What do you choose?

Most people choose not to push the stranger. This is partly because we feel it is wrong to use other people as a means to an end especially if it involves harming them.


Trolley problem 3


A runaway trolley is heading down the tracks toward five little children who will all be killed unless you push a deranged psychopath onto the track to stop the trolley.


What do you choose?

I’ll let you decide.

Changing people’s emotional experience changes their behaviour.



The stronger the experience of Emotion the more likely it is people will react to your message.


Emotions can be triggered with:

•           Powerful copy

•           Effective visuals

•           Persuasive videos

•           Compelling offers

•           Engaging stories

•           Riveting audio

•           Fun events


There are 12 different emotions to consider… we’ll cover four in this blog and you can hear about the rest in the webinar via the links at the top and bottom of this post.


  1. Make them feel they’re missing out

    People feel more compelled to do something if they think they might be missing out on something good.

    This is especially true if lots of people are into something cool, or doing something that makes them more successful, and you’re the only wet blanket on the planet that isn’t doing this.



    • Tell them about the success others are experiencing with your product or service.
    • Create spaces that are exclusive to clients or subscribers.


2. Create a sense of excitement

Marketing content that looks and feels exciting suggests to people that there might be something rewarding on offer here.

It also puts people in a positive frame of mind that makes them more likely to act on impulse.

In today’s cluttered world exciting content is also more distinctive, attention-grabbing, engaging and memorable.



  • Make your content colourful, use diagonal lines, be vibrant, suggest action, and include happy faces.
  • Offer or announce something new, spectacular or amazing.
  • Share exciting events from within the company.

3. Create a sense of curiosity

Curiosity is that gap you create between what someone wants to know and the answer you’ve got for them.

Sometimes you need to make people aware of what it is they would like to know.

And as knowledge about how big an impact your product or service might have on their lives increases, so their curiosity increases.



  • Ask a potent question and put the answer behind a button click

    E.g. What is the biggest mistake you make over and over again? It’s not what you think it is. Click here to find out.

  • Tell them enough to spark their curiosity but not so much that you give your story away.

4. Make them laugh!

A touch of humour can make a brand stand out from the crowd. It can add a dash of personality and character and make the brand more distinctive and human and therefore approachable.

In an effort to present our brand as professional and serious we sometimes forget that we are communicating with other human beings. People respond well to humour.

Humour is the one thing that still consistently gets through the attention barriers.

Humour makes us feel positive.



  • Share cartoons, jokes, funny images or quotes
  • Poke fun at yourself (and become more relatable)
  • Think like a marketer and act like a producer


To find out more about this topic, listen to the webinar here

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