Date: 22/12/2018 | By: Melanie Hawkett

This month our featured BizSmart® Select Member is one of our Core Advisers, Melanie Hawkett.


The Core Advisers work one-on-one with BizSmart® clients to give them specialist support in a range of areas, including business strategy, managing people and cash, and accessing grant funding.


Core Advisers also run our SmartBoards® – monthly online meetings with several business owners, providing support, dealing with business challenges and discussing new ideas and opportunities for growth.


We asked Mel to tell us a bit more about how she works with business owners to help them improve and grow their businesses.


Tell us about a client you’ve helped recently


Through SmartBoards® a number of my clients have benefited from not only my support but also the support of other business owners.


The most recent board I’ve run has helped one of my clients really define their value proposition and make some key decisions about growth.


As a result, they’ve been empowered to take on their next member of staff and expand their office space. Being on a Smart Board, combined with 1-2-1 guidance, has accelerated their growth.


Who do you work with?


I particularly like working with business owners making a ‘step change’ to become a first-time employer and move into their first premises. It’s good to work with people who are serious about defining their value proposition and implementing a clear business development strategy.


What makes you different?


It’s not just about the ‘theory’ it’s about the ‘doing’. I like to get to know my clients so that I can motivate them and support them on their journey. I’ll connect them to others that can really help them. I always work with the ‘person’ before we start on the ‘business’. It’s vital to understand their personal challenges and how this impacts on their business.


What drives you?


Seeing others succeed because of the help and support I’ve provided is a great driver. And I tend to maintain those relationships long beyond the end of the programme. I get a lot out of being able to positively influence the wider business community in Worcestershire. 



How do you add value?


I have a strong local network plus the knowledge and experience to offer help and support to my clients beyond the 1-2-1 and peer group sessions.


The group I run – North Worcestershire Business Leaders – provides a natural environment to learn, share, connect and contribute. It is not-for-profit and contribution is at the heart of it. I have built this organisation over 3 years to specifically help and support local business.

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