Date: 17/01/2018 | By: davdlynesuniqueiq

If you have scheduling challenges with your workforce, now might be a good time to start using workforce management software.


BizSmart Select Member David Lynes of Unique:IQ has created two software packages that his clients use – IQ:timecard and IQ:careplanner. These products help people to tackle the complexities of workforce scheduling.


If you’d like to find out more about scheduling software, you can listen to David’s webinar here, or read on to find out more.


The challenge of scheduling


In certain sectors, scheduling your workforce can be a challenge. Where managers are using paper-based systems, it can be a very time-consuming task to ensure you’re allocating the right staff to the right client on the right day.


This is a particular issue in sectors such as cleaning, care at home and security. There are a number of different factors that need to be taken into account in allocating staff to a particular job or client, and doing this by hand is very complicated.


Factors to be taken into account when allocating particular staff to particular times and clients are:

  • Availability – is that staff member available on that day
  • Approval – are they approved to work with a specific client
  • Continuity – does this worker usually attend to this client
  • Qualifications – are they qualified to work at this level
  • Competency – are they competent enough to deliver the service required
  • Distance – are they the nearest worker to the client’s location and is the travel time acceptable to them.


It’s clear that taking all of these factors into account in a paper-based manual system is extremely challenging if you are scheduling for more than a handful of staff.


Even where systems have evolved and people are using Excel spreadsheets to manage staff work schedules, this is still essentially a manual system that takes a lot of time to administer and doesn’t always produce the best, most economical schedule.


Discover the advantages of workforce management software


With workforce management software, you can easily take into account the multiple factors that influence the schedule.


This has benefits to an organisation beyond simply making scheduling easier. Staff are likely to be happier when they are getting the working hours they need without having to travel too far. This leads to more motivated staff who are more likely to deliver a good service. It also increases staff retention, which reduces costs.


In summary, by using workforce management software you’ll keep overheads down, plus you’ll increase productivity and motivation. Staff are likely to stay with you for longer which cuts down on recruitment and training costs.


To find out more, listen to David’s webinar here.


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