Date: 05/06/2017 | By: David Lynes

If you have staff, and you’re wondering whether workforce management software would help you to streamline your business, read on.


BizSmart Select Member David Lynes runs software development company Unique IQ, which is responsible for creating IQ:timecard and IQ:careplanner.




Both products are popular workforce management software applications.


The products that David and his team at Unique IQ have created are aimed at businesses in the homecare, cleaning and facilities management sectors.


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What is workforce management software?


Put simply, these products help you to manage your workforce, by assisting with staff scheduling and related activities.


To give you an idea of the scope and scale of these systems, users clock more than 3 million hours in the app each month.


There are more than 5,000-6,000 daily users, and 600,000 messages are sent monthly through these systems.


In industries where planning where people should be and what time they should be there is important, these software applications are invaluable.


The systems that Unique IQ provide allow users to control:


  • Workforce scheduling
  • Leave management (holiday or absenteeism)
  • Task and activity management
  • Time and attendance.


The systems also inevitably help to make operations more efficient.

Used in sectors including care, cleaning, roadside maintenance and agency staff, the software enables both planning and also tracking what’s happening on the ground.


Managing leave and making you more efficient


You can plan to have the right people in the right place at the right time. And you can also track whether they have turned up – allowing “real time” time management.


Using the software should improve operational efficiencies, especially if your organisation is currently using five different systems, or a mixture of different systems such as manual systems and paper timesheets. With IQ:timecard and IQ:careplanner everything is all in one place.


It’s quick to use and also allows flexible scheduling, so you can manage leave – holiday and sickness – with all of the complexities that can entail.


It’s not just about availability. If someone rings in sick first thing on a Monday morning, you need to be able to quickly reschedule, communicate with other staff members, and look at availability. You may also have pre-requisites such as qualifications, skills and geographic location. It’s not usually enough to do some ad hoc scheduling – there’s often a range of considerations.


Working with client requirements


The system also stores client details so you can see what they’re being charged. It also means you can bill clients based on what has actually happened. So instead of charging based on the schedule, you can now store evidence that the staff member has turned up.


This makes billing more accurate and leads to better customer service.


Additionally, evidence of attendance could be required for the HSC in Ireland or for local authorities in the UK, or simply to provide openness and transparency for your clients. The software is useful for proving people turned up and attended for the duration they should have done.


Proof can be via tickboxes, a signature in an app on a phone or tablet, photographic evidence that a job has been done, or notes and comments. More and more people want a method that doesn’t involve paper to capture data.


Using a workforce management system also makes invoicing more accurate, as it is based on the work that has been delivered. It also makes payroll more accurate and means that if someone has covered a shift, they will get paid for it.


Mileage and expenses can also be tracked and claimed for more easily.


To find out more about workforce management software, you can listen to David’s webinar here.


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