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BizSmart’s Core Advisors are all experienced


BizSmart’s Core Advisors are all experienced business owners from a wide range of backgrounds. Between them, they have helped hundreds of business owners to put in place the basics that have enabled them to grow their businesses in a sustainable way. If you access our Wingman service, you’ll be allocated the advisor who is the best fit for your business and can provide you with advice, guidance and accountability to help you grow your business. All of our Core Advisors still run their own businesses. They don’t claim to have “made it” – they’re constantly learning more about growing a sustainable business and are keen to share their mistakes as well as their triumphs to help you on your path to success.


Ruth Evans

  Recognised as an expert in Customer and Patient Experience, Ruth is a senior consultant with over 25 year’s experience.  This has been gained from both agency and client roles, within healthcare and across other sectors, working in the UK and EMEA. Her customers tell her that she has an energetic, engaging approach that is both incisive and pragmatic. Her…

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All BizSmart Core Advisors


Our core advisors are seasoned professionals with wide ranging business experience, and they continue

to run their own businesses. Using tried and tested techniques they’ve helped hundreds of business

owners to grow their sales figures, their staff numbers and ultimately their businesses.  



Don't just take our word for it

The guidance and support I received from Kevin Brent and BizSmart was first class. I was constantly impressed by Kevin’s ability to succinctly get to and address the core points that would actually make a tenable difference to the future success of my business. Many thanks for all your help.

Adrian Barradell, Clarify Copywriting

BizSmart has given us a detailed picture of exactly who we are and how we work - interesting and thought provoking.

Michael Grassi, grassidesign

The programme has impacted business on a number of levels - the connections made to BizSmart Select members and also being able to produce my projected figures and having a second pair of eyes look at them gave me confidence.

Peter Jones, On-Site-Support (CAD)