About our Select Members


BizSmart’s Select Members provide trusted, reliable specialist support for you and your business in one place


Covering a wide range of business services across marketing, business admin and legal, finance, IT and systems, people, training and strategic advice and support, they are here to answer your questions and provide valuable advice.


The famous basketball player and coach, John Wooden, said:


“Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you.”


We might suggest that the Select Members will challenge you, rather than argue with you. After all, it can be lonely as a business owner and even if you have a team around you, it can sometimes feel like you have no-one to bounce ideas off and share decision making.


Now you can seek opinions from others who have been there. Have a look though the members to see if there’s anyone who could help you with your current challenges…


Steve Parker | Steve Parker International Company Development

We provide international sales and marketing, export management, strategy planning and implementation and advice, guidance and training, on all matters relating to importing,exporting and international trade. We have excellent long term and new contacts, particularly throughout the Middle East, Far East including China, Australasia, Europe, USA and expertise in over 30 markets worldwide, through successfully creating millions of £££s of…

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All BizSmart Select Members


We have over 30 incredible, hand-picked BizSmart Select members who are on hand to offer a friendly listening ear, advice and their skills to help you grow your business. These are real business people running real businesses and have faced or are still facing the same challenges you are.

To find out more what it means to be a Select Member and our Code of Ethics, please click on the Eagle Mark below:

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Philippe Ingels | WAKSTER Limited

WAKSTER creates animated videos to help you explain your products and services in the most attention grabbing, engaging and persuasive way. Our philosophy is that the better you are at communicating your message the more successful your online marketing and sales will be.   HOW DO WE DO IT? We add four important ingredients into our animations:   ► WOW!…

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Don't just take our word for it

BizSmart enabled me to look clearly at my goals and what I need to do to achieve them.

Kathy Scott, Hands on at Work

The programme has impacted business on a number of levels - the connections made to BizSmart Select members and also being able to produce my projected figures and having a second pair of eyes look at them gave me confidence.

Peter Jones, On-Site-Support (CAD)

It’s good to focus on the future and not just the day-to-day.

Jayson Alley, Stratford Precision Engineering Services