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Mike Gardner aka 'The Time Doctor' is highly regarded as one of the UK’s leading Time Management specialists. The Time Doctor exists for one reason and one reason only - To provide Micro Business owners, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Owners and their Employees, with Time Management Tips, Techniques, Strategies and Training that helps them to free up at least 2…

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Mike Gardner aka ‘The Time Doctor’ is highly regarded as one of the UK’s leading Time Management specialists.

The Time Doctor exists for one reason and one reason only – To provide Micro Business owners, Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Owners and their Employees, with Time Management Tips, Techniques, Strategies and Training that helps them to free up at least 2 hours a day of their time allowing them to focus on the things that are important to them. For some this will be spending more time with their family or on leisure activities. For others it will be about making time to work on the business as opposed to working in it all the time.


1 on 1 Mentoring – The Time Doctors mentoring programmes have help thousands of people from all walks of life free up at least an hour a day, allowing them to spend more time with their families and friends, taking part in sports and hobbies or just using the time to work on their business as opposed to in it.

Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops- “Time Doctor Micro Training Series” has been designed to address the most common time management issues and as follows:

• Time Management (get more done in less time with less effort)
• E-mail Management (tame your inbox)
• Meetings Management (how to have a meeting and not a gathering)
• Assertive Communication (How to say ‘No’ nicely)

Whether delivered in the form of a Keynotes, Seminar or Workshop the overarching objective is to provide you with tips, tools, techniques and strategies that will enable you to better manage your time and so allow you take control of both your personal and professional life.
For information on content, dates and availability visit http://www.thetimedoctor.co.uk/workshops

If you need to start in a hurry why not make a start by downloading our free e-book “20 Top Time Management Tips“. By implementing just some of the tips, you will be taking steps to improve your time management. http://www.thetimedoctor.co.uk/20-top-tips/

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Specialist Modules

  • How to get 400+ Tasks completed every year
  • Top 10 ways to overcome procrastination
  • 10 ways to be more productive
  • The Importance of Holistic Goals and Time management
  • Time management Skills


Time Management Mentoring
“Mike helped me with my time management, we are a new business and as MD my team look to me to lead them. With Mike’s help turnover trebled over three months and we have now taken on extra staff. Ed Rochford - Managing Director - Unique IT Solutions”
Time Management Keynote Speech
You certainly put it in to context as something we all take for granted but that we could make so much more of. Your working examples were spot on as were your recommendations on how we can make better use of a finite resource. I have already put several of your suggestions in to everyday practice and they work like a dream. In particular setting aside certain times to read emails, and listing my priorities for the day. My next step is to do the same thing with phone calls! I would like to get you in to the office in to convince my colleagues to use the same tools as I am which will certainly be a big help to the business. Thanks again and look forward to catching up soon Barry Knights – Pathway Group
Time Management Keynote Speech
I have seen Mike speak on a number of occasions in his guise as “The Time Doctor”, and I have always found him to be a highly memorable speaker who delivers lots of good ideas and useful tips with humour and eloquence. A highly recommended speaker! Jane Hooper – Managing Director - StepChange Training
Time Management Public Workshop
Having been struggling to cram everything in to my day, I attended Mike's "Time Doctor" workshop in the hope that it would enable me to free up some time. His friendly and lively style of working was a great start to a Monday morning and he's given me some excellent techniques which will definitely give me back some time, make me more productive and allow me to grow my business even more. His regular tips and blogs have also helped to improve my effectiveness. Thanks Mike! Andy Phillips – Time Doctor Workshop – A P Insurance
Time Management Mentoring
I have tried lots of products to improve my time management. The language and methodology from Mike Gardner resonated with me and I implemented his program. Thanks to Mikes mentoring the benefit to my personal and professional efficiency has been excellent. Many Thanks Mike Mike Carolus – Time Management Mentoring Programme - Entrepreneur
Time Management In House Workshop
Really enjoyed the course and gained an understanding of different behaviours and how they reflect on others. I will definitely be taking a few things from the training, To-Do today list mgmt, and urgency/importance of me and others, and how they can impose or reflect on mine. Rosie Longmore - Business Development Manager - Templine Recruitment
Time Management Public Workshop
"Loved all of it. The Time Management workshop with Mike was full of golden nuggets and tactics that you can implement immediately. The whole morning was relaxed and flowed well, Mike encouraged lots of interaction within the group. and it was great to share 'time management' struggles with others who share similar struggles. The course materials are a great reference". This is a workshop I'd recommend to any business owner who runs out of time at the end of the day." Carole Stacey - High Achievers
Time Management Public Workshop
"I attended The Time Doctor's Time Management course in March 2013. Simply put Mike really knows his stuff! The workshop was engaging, thought provoking and practical - full of tips that can be taken away and implemented straight away. Many thanks Mike, the rest of the Positive Ground team are looking forward to attending the course too – I've no doubt it will seriously improve productivity of our team". Sara Beth Roper - Positive Ground
Time Management Workshop / Mentoring
“I attended Mike's Time Management course and found it to be a refreshing approach to a familiar subject. The course is delivered in Mike's unique style and is fast, full of wisdom and delivered with humour. The group work together to discuss challenges and Mike imparts his extensive knowledge to mentor and suggests simple changes to our daily routine. The understanding of how the brain works (right / left side) and it's impact on your organisational skills gave me a huge confidence boost. The one thing that really makes Mike stand apart from the rest is his commitment to follow up. This session alone was invaluable to me, as Mike holds you accountable for implementation and continues to mentor through real world challenges now that you are back at your desk. We are all probably guilty of returning to our default state after a course. Not only did he assist me with time management challenges but also the bigger picture. Great course, delivered by a great guy!!! I look forward to working with Mike in the future.” Paul Rhodes - Green Gorrilla
Time Management Public Workshop
“I really enjoyed Mike's Time Management training. He has a fresh approach to time management, focussing on the cognitive approach rather than using a bunch of tools. There was lots of interaction in the session and I learned things about myself that I hadn't realised before. As well as covering the main aspects of time management, Mike weaved a few practical little gems into the session that I could easily slot into the way I work. If you are struggling to manage your time, I'm sure Mike is the man to help you” Fiona Cohn - Excel:arate Consulting

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