SmartBoards® Overview

Regular practical business support and advice from a diverse range of selected experienced business owners.

Picture this… a group of experienced business owners around a table, all ready and waiting to help you tackle the current challenges you’re facing in your business. They’ll ask you questions, challenge you to be better, and help you come up with solutions to your issues.




Running your own business can be an isolating experience. When you’re facing an issue in your business, where can you go for help and advice?

Business owners often end up talking to friends or family members but, while they may act as a sounding board, they can’t be impartial and they probably won’t have the experience needed to help you come up with sensible solutions to your challenges.

Now, imagine that the next time you’re facing a challenging situation in your business, or you’re struggling to make an important decision, there are five of your fellow business owners waiting to help and advise you. These are people that you have got to know over several months, and you trust and value their advice.

They’ll ask you questions, encourage you to think through the different options, and ultimately help you come to a conclusion or decide on a way forward. Not only that, but a month later they’ll be asking you if you followed through.

That is exactly what SmartBoards can deliver for you, month after month.

Imagine the difference that could make in your business over the course of a year…




Who is SmartBoards® for?

SmartBoards is perfect for small business owners with at least two years’ experience of running a business. You must also have a burning desire to improve and grow your business, and a willingness to share what you’ve learned with your fellow members.

It doesn’t matter how big an SME you are running as long as you can bring real, practical experience to the table.

It doesn’t matter if you sell B2B or B2C, or both.

As long as you’re fully committed to improving and growing your business over the next 12 months, and to fully engaging with the group, then you’re exactly the kind of business owner we’d like to have on one of our SmartBoards.


What you get from SmartBoards®

SmartBoard Members have already had some success in business, they are ambitious and have decided it’s time to get serious.  Businesses on peer to peer support typically grow at 3 times the rate of those that aren’t and they tell us they get the following 3 things from SmartBoards:

  • Accountability and focus
  • Trusted sounding board 
  • Ongoing practical Support from people they rate

It’s like having 5 Non Executive Directors working on your business every month – and you get to experience working on other businesses too!

Don’t just take our word for it though – have a listen to what our SmartBoard Members say….



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